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If you prefer to do it yourself? you can build, optimize and fund campaigns in your account. 


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Buy programatic by connecting to our RTB exchange with your DSP.

Targeted Dating Traffic

Worldwide and high-quality

Exclusive traffic sources

We are working directly with Key Publishers in the Dating vertical. We don’t resell traffic and focus on exclusive partnerships with our Partners.

Real time bidding system

To ensure you pay the right price for the traffic you are buying we work with Real Time bidding. This is in for form of a normal bid or a smartbid!

Real time statistics

Detailed, real-time statistics provide you with insights on how to monetize your traffic more efficiently and refreshes every 60 seconds.

Track conversions and ROI

You can Track conversions and ROI to optimize the campaign. This is really easy to setup and will be a big help to reach the desired ROI.

Most efficient retargeting

We also offers re-targeting to target or exclude users that already visited your website.


Most adzones are monetized on CPC but banners and pops will be available on CPM. 

User friendly interface

We provide a user friendly interface where many of you already are familiar with.

Expert support

Our goal is to provide the best possible support experience. Please reach out any time we can do something for you to help!

Extensive targeting

In the Self Service platform you have many targeting opportunities to optimize the traffic!

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